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Custom Paintings, Murals, & More!

Quality art at unbeatable prices!
Keep your walls AND wallet happy at Toad Alley!

When you support Toad Alley, a portion of ALL sales goes to non-profit environmental sustainability charities.

Thank you for helping us care for our beautiful mother Earth!

Custom Paintings

Enliven your space with original art on canvas, or right on your living room wall!


Looking for a fun way to have all eyes on your business, or add some pizazz to your porch? What you need is a mural! Schedule your FREE mural consultation today to receive your FREE estimate! Have ready to provide: surface measurements, clear photo of the space, and any design ideas you have. Or, you may choose to leave the design to me!

Rendered examples of your unique design proposals start at $25 each and are available after your FREE mural consultation!

Jackie's Bee_edited.jpg

Do you have a SUPERB idea for a painting just begging to become reality?  Let an experienced artist help you achieve your vision to the most minute detail!

Please note, I am not a forgery artist and will not attempt to recreate another artists' work, however I am happy to create an original piece inspired by the concepts you most admire! Some subjects, like celebrity portraits or brand names, are copyrighted; exceptions are rare.


Commemorate your beloved furry, finned, or feathered friend in a masterpiece as unique as they are! Great pride is taken to lovingly provide your pet's portrait with life-like character and charm, true to their personality.

 I also highly recommend taking advantage of my bundle deal for clients interested in a pet portrait photoshoot beforehand. Opting for a pet photoshoot will provide you with many stunning reference photos to choose from, ensuring your pet's portrait is perfect!

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