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Toad Alley Art, LLC is founded, run, and operated by one awesome independent freelance artist, Devyn Burgess. It is currently one in the morning and I am so, so very tired. And bored, oh so very bored, of all the legal stuffs I've been haunched over my computer researching... Dang it Jim, I'm an artist, not a lawyer!! But, it's all worth it, because it's all for you stellar people. Your satisfaction is my top priority, so please read below to learn more about what I do and don’t do, and how I may best serve you!

Thank you for all your support!



No, that wasn't a typo! This Disclaimer Disclaimer is here to disclaim that this disclaimer page is distinct from our Disclaimer Policy, found at the footer of each page. The page you are on currently is simply a more condensed, less jargon-y announcement of important legal stuffs. Please Read and understand everything on this page if you've made it this far! (Even if you do not read any further, it will be assumed everyone who uses this website, and any Toad Alley Art social sites, agrees and consents to this understanding.)

Thank you for understanding!



I'm only going to say this once... and maybe a few more times elsewhere. Most of Toad Alley Art, LLC’s business is conducted fully online, from the artist's residential art studio. Please note that Toad Alley Art, LLC does NOT currently have a public business address, and any posted address is NOT open to the public! Please, never arrive on the premises without prior direction, approval, and/or consent from the company and/or the artist. Such an action may be interpreted as stalking and/or harassment, in which case legal measures may be taken to ensure our artist's personal privacy and physical safety. Again, we are NOT a physical art gallery or retail store open to the public! Even my friends have to ask politely to come over; no one is an exception to this rule. Any visitor or potential client who refuses to understand, acknowledge, or respect this - or any - clause, term, or policy featured on is subject to being declined any or all Toad Alley services, products, and/or events. If you have a problem or disagree with this and/or any other terms posted on our website, you may reach out with questions to, submit a message via our contact page, or are free to leave this site and seek similar services elsewhere.

Thank you for understanding.


Unless you are a client who has completed a consultation with me either in person for via official Toad Alley Art channels of communication, and agreed to contracting my services, I will NEVER ask for you to send me money or donations in exchange for art! NEVER send or mail money, cash, or cheques to the address of anyone claiming to be Devyn Burgess or Toad Alley Art, LLC from any non-affiliated sites, links, accounts, or addresses. To ensure safety from scammers and spam sites, please order directly from my website,, or via email at

Toad Alley Social Media sites are a secondary, but still valid, modality of reaching out to me, but always beware of copycats! Our official social sites will ALWAYS be @ToadAlleyArt or @ToadAlleyArtLLC with no dashes, underscores, or further customizations, unless otherwise stated on our website homepage. Direct links to our official social media accounts can always be found on the header and footer of every page of

If you wish to gift a donation or tip to support my work, contact me directly, as I do not yet have any donation or tip platforms set up. Unless posted here or otherwise notified, this will remain the case, so do NOT fall for anyone claiming to be me asking, begging, or panhandling you for money!


Services Disclaimer:


I, the Artist, reserve the right to decline a job for any reason. Now that that’s out of the way, I am happy to hear out the services you are seeking if you think it may fall under my skillset. I am always looking for fun, new ways to get creative, and sometimes a challenge can be a good thing! I will always let you know if I feel a job exceeds my ability and capacity to complete, but I am a part of a circle of wonderful artist friends who I may choose to refer you out to, should their services match your needs! My strongest technique in art is acrylic painting, however I also dabble in many other 2-D mediums such as oil paints, pastels, pencil, charcoal, and more, so feel free to send me a message regarding your individual inquiry!

In addition to my 2-D services of canvas and wall paintings, I also offer 3-D object restoration and repainting services! If you have an item you would like refurbished, please make known any needed restorations/repairs during the consultation session, or in the follow-up emails following the session. Major damage/repairs may result in the job being declined.

As with the Place of Business Disclaimer, please never mail or ship an item to the address of someone claiming to be me, especially if they are offering to paint an item for you for free. Even if you sniff out my address amongst the terms and conditions, this is NOT an invitation to send me a potential job via mail or delivery. Fan mail will be tolerated, death threats or harassment letters will be ignored, and eventually legally retaliated if persistent.



As always, there are a multitude of factors which may affect the price estimate you receive. Oftentimes, I will present numerous pricing options with a range of potential project results to help accommodate your ultimate vision and budget. All prices are non-negotiable, and all purchases are non-refundable and non-returnable. Every service or item purchased will earn you Toad Alley Rewards (“Toad Tokens”) which may be exchanged for discounts on future commissions, but cannot be used like or exchanged for legal tender. This is the only long-term discount program I have in place, but keep an eye out for flash sales or bonus discounts! Thanks for making it this far! Now go enjoy some art!

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