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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Toad Alley Archives

Welcome to an intimate introduction to the art of Devyn Burgess. Here you will find highlights on past projects, as well as an artist's statement on each artwork. If you see something you like, don't hesitate to inquire about commissioning a custom piece! Not every original artwork displayed is available for purchase or for print. This page is always expanding, so be sure to check back often for new art!

Thank you for hopping by!


Charles & Barkley

These two make quite the dynamic duo! Both as fluffy and sweet as can be, they are prime examples of family dogs. I imagine little Barkley is all grown up now... if only the puppy stage would last forever! Thankfully, their family has this magnificent portrait of their pooches to remember them in their youthful glory forever.

Jackie's Bee

This piece was inspired by the work of a talented photographer who gave their permission for me to create this bee-autiful painting! There are lots of fun textures to explore in this painting, and I definitely look forward to making more like this one, which challenge me to take my abilities to the next level. 

Jackie's Bee.jpg


This graceful gal is Gretchen, cover girl for dogs living an active life, even in their golden years. She wears her silvering coat with pride. Still spry as a puppy, with love in her eyes to spare, you just know that she is the prime example of a family dog. 


Perched atop his prime lookout location, Frank purveys his territory with keen eyes. Ever diligent against the squirrels, he protects his kingdom while awaiting father's daily return from work at the meat market. Certified spoiled. Do you think he even knows just how lucky he is? Every dog's dream, his daily reality. Oh, to be Frank.

BnB Mural_edited.jpg

Bottle 'N Brew Mural

Art on a scale like I've never done before! This is my first ever mural, located in the Sunbeam Plaza at Bottle N' Brew in Jacksonville, FL. It features a stunning sunset backdrop behind the downtown Jax skyline, complete with the iconic blue Main Street Bridge! In person, you can see the stunning riverwalk details featured on the opposite riverbank. Much care was taken in transforming ordinary black pylons into the decorative nautical posts you see lining the scene. The Tree of Life embodies the symbolism of the Age of Aquarius, the water-bearer, to welcome in the energies of the New Age we are entering.

Jack Daniels

You wouldn't be able to tell now, but Jack once was a simple and plain styrofoam statue. Before painting, I did my due diligence in researching the appropriate attire for his time period, even finding a specific account that Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniels often favored wearing a fawn-hued vest! Now sporting more color, and proudly donning his classic fawn vest, he's looking rather dapper on display inside Bottle N' Brew in Sunbeam Plaza.



One of my more exotic pet photoshoot models, Neeko was half charmer, half walking attitude. The way he struts his stuff on the branch with such confidence will make even the most ornery adult's inner child want to climb a tree. Even in this photo, he was well into his golden years. Now his soul rests on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, but his colorful memory will forever live on through art. 

Flowers of the Cape

Along the coasts of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, fragrant flowers and a salty sea breeze fills the air with pure tranquility.  While on a trip there for my Grandma's 80th birthday, the sights were so sublime I could barely bear to put away my camera. Many of the best photos from this series will soon be available made as prints in the shop, so stay tuned!

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